Press release: recognition of Kosovo by the Czech government

Former foreign minister regrets Czech diplomacy did not take more proactive approach at the crucial moments and also did not unambiguously demand the fulfilling of state ambitions of Kosovo to be related to the process of integration of the whole region of Western Balkans into the European Union. “We missed the opportunity to intertwine the issue of Kosovo”s status with the European draw for Serbia “, was Josef Zieleniec quoted as saying.

Josef Zieleniec believes that within the European Union the Czech republic must take proactive stances in forming a policy of openness towards Serbia, country whose future has not been determined yet. “We must not push Serbia into Russian arms. Our objective is to persuade our partners within both the EU and Western Balkans that there is no alternative for Kosovo and Serbia other than joining the EU. Only by taking decisive steps including rapid merger of Serbia and Kosovo with the internal market of the EU and introduction of visa-free regime between the EU and Serbia we can reduce the extent of damage and set the

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