Josef Zieleniec: speeech at the plenary session on the relations EU – Turkey

Mr. President,

Ms. Ria Oomen-Ruijten has done exceptional work in paving way for the compromise in this dividing matter.

But I am convinced and I also believe that in the future we should refrain from adopting resolutions and reports in which we search for compromise at the expense of remaining silent on key controversial issues. While trying to remain silent we communicate a signal to Turkey that does not adequately reflect the diversity of views on Turkish membership in this Parliament and among Europeans at large.

I make no secret on my belief that the launch of accession negotiations with Turkey was a big mistake. But I realize that not everybody shows that view and I respect that.

I think that this is a key issue for European integration and the European public is quite divided and polarized and it is our duty to reflect that polarization.

I would welcome that in the future in our resolutions and reports we will make clear to Turkey and Europeans how divides the Parliament is in the key issues concerning the possible membership of Turkey in the European Union. Compromise must be sought in many issues that we discuss here but Turkey, its membership and our relations is not one of those issues.

Let us ship the paradigm – let us not draft reports and resolutions that try to show semblance of unity, let us form clear positions and let us show that we are divided when it comes to Turkish membership.

It is about the responsibility to our citizens and Turkey. Turkey does not deserve to be kept in the dark. I hope that the Turkish nation will welcome a clear message on our being divided rather than us trying to keep them in the dark which is what we have been doing.

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